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Doxa Church

Hello friends, I am so excited you’re here and I am so thankful you are taking the time to read my new post. Today I am going to share a quick post and then let you enjoy a fun interview I participated in with our church. I want to preface this by giving a little background about Doxa Church. We have been going to Doxa Church for about three years now and members for two of them. When I tell people where we go I sometimes get a little head turn and the question, what does Doxa mean? I actually love when I am asked this question because it gives me the opportunity to not only give an awesome definition, but it also allows me to talk a little about our church. Doxa means glory to God; and that’s what it’s all about. Everything we do, everything that’s done is done for the glory of God. Doxa Church has four pillars that keep the church focused on their mission to glorify God by making disciples. The four pillars are: biblical preaching, passionate worship, fervent prayer, and bold evangelism.What an introduction, right? Well when I first went to Doxa Church I told everyone it was like drinking from a a good way. You get expository teaching every Sunday and isn’t that what we need? I know I do! Needless to say, we are enjoying our church community and are so thankful for Doxa Church and its ministry.

As we all know social media has changed so much throughout the years and not all for the good. We now have access to pretty much whatever we want and whenever we want with just a click of a button. It’s your news, shopping, games, daily reading and overall a big INFLUENCE. As Christians we have to be careful, and need to be discerning of what we are watching/reading on social media. This is such a big topic and Doxa Church decided to do a new podcast series called, “Table Talks.” The program has guests come on talking about different topics. I was invited to talk about social media and being a Christian. I was pretty nervous receiving such an invitation….

Now I invite you to watch my interview with Doxa Church. You’ll hear me share about my childhood and all the different life-experiences God put in front of me from, funeral service, a reality television show, IVF, and being transparent on social media. I hope you enjoy the short 16 minute clip.

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Great getting to know you better. You sound like a professional radio host, you should create a podcast !

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