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First Hospital Visit

Updated: Jul 30, 2019

At just 3 months of age we needed to get Leo into the hospital to have glaucoma surgery. We knew his chances of having glaucoma was very high due to his port wine stain. Leo’s ophthalmologist recommended surgery right away. So here I was, only 3 weeks postpartum and taking my baby in for surgery. If I’m being honest, it was the hardest day on my mommy heart thus far.

We were in the pediatric center all day with Leo and we were told we’d probably have to stay the night depending on how Leo responded to the anesthesia. I had our bags packed and was prepared to be there with Leo overnight. I was so anxious about it and hated the thought of not having Leo comfortable in his own bed. Since my husband had to work the next day, I asked my mom to come and stay with me because the thought of staying in the room alone sounded sad, scary and quite honestly, depressing. After hours of being in the waiting room I started to really look around. I was seeing other parents who were waiting to hear how their babies were doing. Finally, our names were called back to the recovery room and as I was walking through I had to pass by other hospital beds with kids laying there. Many of them who looked like they have been at the hospital for many days, maybe even months. Their parents next to them looking exhausted and using every ounce of their energy to love on their sick babes. My heart went out to one little boy in particular who I’m guessing had cancer and was probably no older than 5 years old. I overheard him crying because he didn’t feel good. His nurse was so sweet and tried hard to help him feel better. It really made me think about the babies, children, and parents, who have to stay at the hospital for weeks and months on end. Here I was dreading one night, but there are many families that will have to be there much longer. That sweet boy probably hasn’t been in his own bed in weeks. I know this is heavy but it really helped me put things in perspective.

Yes, Leo may have some medical complications, and I pray all the time for his continued health; but today he’s okay and he’s home with his brother, mommy and daddy in his own bed. Today I’m praying for the families who have babies who can’t be home right now and especially for that sweet little boy we saw crying today. I’m also praying for the doctor and nurses that see these families everyday and try to heal them.

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